Shower gel designed to care for your skin.

A natural hair shampoo for everyday care of both the hair and scalp with extra gentle washing substances conforms to the demands of a sensitive skin manifesting psoriasis or eczema.

The herbal extracts in combination with the hemp seed oil calm and regenerate the skin and keep your hair healthy and shiny. The Sandalwood and Atlas cedar oils act antiseptically, effectively calm the skin and alleviate hair breakage and loss. Panthenol has a positive effect on the quality and growth of the hair and improves hair appearance. It complies with the standards of natural cosmetics.

Bodycann Shampoo with an effective combination of natural active substances, e.g.:

– Hemp Seed Oil – contains unsaturated fatty acids as well as chlorophyll, vitamins, phytosterols and minerals. It has excellent properties for harmonization of skin cell state; it smooths the hydration, lipid and pH balance of your skin, and renews its natural protective layer.

– D-Panthenol – has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports the creation of collagen and elastin fibers, and helps in the healing of scars.

– Extract Of 19 Herbs – they have soothing effects and they help keep healthy looking skin.

– Argan Oil – relieves itching of the scalp, reduces dryness of the skin, gives vitality, strength, shine and softness to the hair.

This product complies with the standards of natural cosmetics.

Certified for children 0-3 years.


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